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Posted by lucindaquilts on June 13, 2015 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (0)

I've been updating this site, and just came upon a wonderful bunch of resources -- back issues of SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) now available to non-members. Visually thrilling! Enjoy!

Quiltmakers I've Known...

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Someday I'll get organized enough to pay homage to everyone who helped me along the way; in the meantime I'm desperate to organize my ZILLION bookmarks so will just add this link to Sonya Lee Barrington's site -- I studied with her in San Francisco.

MGM Aviation Quilt

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This quilt marks the turning point, between years of my Dad asking in exasperated tones, 'You think you'll ever make any money at that?' -- to his displaying this proudly in his living room and telling all his friends that his daughter was a quiltmaker (even, oh chagrin, asking me years ago if I had a website he could tell them about!)

Happy Fathers' Day, and lines from Phyllis Webb's poem 'Making'

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Happy Fathers' Day to all the dads I know (including some quiltmakers who are also dads...)!

and, because our house and gardens here in Guad are full of quiet -- and 'noisy' -- blossoms, some lines from the poem 'Making':

"From the making made and, made, now making

certain order – thus excellent despair

is laid,and in the room the patches of the quilt

seize light and throw it back upon the air.

A grace is made, a loveliness is caught

Quilting a quiet blossom as a work." -- Phyllis Webb, Selected Poems, p.56


Mary Lou in Blue

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I can't seem to find a photo of my mom weaving (at the Hartford Artisans' Center), but here's one of her on the enlarging reader (at the center for the visually impaired -- she's always looked great in blue!

My mother's weaving

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Transcendental Etude

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from "Transcendental Etude" by Adrienne Cecile Rich

[The Fact of a Doorframe: Poems Selected and New 1950-1984 (New York: Norton, 1984), p.264]

-- For Michelle Cliff

Vision begins to happen in such a life

as if a woman quietly walked away

from the argument and jargon in a room

and sitting down in the kitchen, began turning in her lap

bits of yarn, calico and velvet scraps,

laying them out absently on the scrubbed boards

in the lamplight, with small rainbow- colored shells

sent in cotton-wool from somewhere far away

and skeins of milkweed from the nearest meadow --

original domestic silk, the finest findings ---

and the darkblue petal of the petunia,

and the dry darkbrown face of seaweed;

not forgotten either, the shed silver

whisker of the cat,

the spiral of paper-wasp-nest curling

beside the finch's yellow feather.

Such a composition has nothing to do with eternity,

the striving for greatness, brilliance?

only with the musing of a mind

one with her body, experienced fingers quietly pushing

dark against bright; silk against roughness,

putting the tenets of a life together

with no mere will to mastery,

only care for the many-lived, unending

forms in which she finds herself,

becoming now the sherd of broken glass

slicing light in a corner, dangerous

to flesh, now the plentiful, soft leaf

that wrapped round the throbbing finger, soothes the wound;

and now the stone foundation, rockshelf further

forming underneath everything that grows.